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Projekt 007
is a mixed choir of 43 voices that consciously tries to marry the exacting nature of a chamber choir with the enthusiasm of a good pop choir.

Diversity and openness to all kinds of great music which provides entertainment value for our audiences and fun for our singers are our main aims.

The history of the choir

The choir Projekt 007 – Chamber and Pop Choir Jüchen was founded in 2007. The name was originally intended to be only provisional (since it was founded in 2007) but has since become our trademark.

Projekt 007 was originally made up of pupils and teachers from the Realschule (Secondary School) Jüchen. Then it was joined by members of the Chamber Choir of the Musical Academy Weichs´scher Hof in Arnsberg. After the first performances at school concerts, the young choir began performing mainly in churches in other regions together with musicians such as the Panflautist Matthias Schlubeck, the Saxophonist and multiple Echo Music Prize winner Professor Daniel Gauthier, and the Afghan composer Babrak Wassa.

The choir meets at monthly rehearsals which take place weekends and additionally since 2017 at weekly rehearsals. Systematic work on both the choral sound and individual vocal sound has been a main focus, with the help of Maria and Alastair Thompson (King’s singers) who travelled from England for a rehearsal phase with the choir, and additionally since 2014 annually with Philip Lawson, the long standing Baritone and Arranger with the King’s Singers, who has been the Principal Guest Conductor for Projekt 007 since 2014. The choir has also worked on its stage presence since 2017 with the Berlin Choreographer, Rebecca Rashid.

Highlights of recent years were the participation at the 6th Venice Music Festival in 2015 with choirs from all of Europe; participation at the world’s largest choir festival in Limburg in 2017, the Aquamusic concert series in the Municipal Swimming Pool in Rheydt, the visit of the “Sounds of Anatolia” choir from Konya in Turkey. Friendly contact has been made with the Jerusalem Youth Chorus since 2015.

In 2014 Projekt 007 became a part of the Jüchen Musical School “Pro Musica”.

Unlike many other choirs, Projekt 007 followed the idea of limiting the choir to seven permanent members for soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The members continue to be chosen from present pupils of local schools; past pupils – many of whom study music themselves; teachers; choirmasters; trained singers and experienced choir singers from Wuppertal, Spröckhövel, Cologne, Düren, Arnsberg, Grevenbroich, Neuss, Mönchengladbach and Jüchen. One of the special charms of the choir is the enormous range of ages, which currently runs from 12 years to over 60 years of age.

important personalities


Dr. Matthias Regniet

Guest conductor

Voice training

Philip Lawson

Voice training

Agnes Lipka

Voice training

Alastair Thompson

The choir commitee


Elke Lersch, Gerda Dumke, Annette Plokarz and Georg Broens